Are you a PhD student? Considering a PhD? Curious about what it’s like? This week, I’ll be posting a series answering a number of questions people have asked for #PhDTAG.

Today, I answer two questions in this video:

  1. What are you studying/why did you choose your field?
  2. What does the daily life of a PhD student look like?

So my first video blog was recorded with a potato and I’m sorry to frustrate your eyes with some non-HD material.

There were a lot of other questions I wanted to answer but didn’t include in the blog because let’s be real, no one is going to watch that. However, there are a community of scholars who are using their social media platforms (IG, Youtube, blogs) to share their experiences and advice as well.

Check them out on Instagram!


Thanks for watching and be on the lookout for my future posts! Topics I will address include mental health, imposter syndrome, being a minority in academia/life, more PhD stuff, life struggles and advice, and other fun & light-hearted moments in my life.

Happy Monday.



email: sujaneeblog@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “#PhDTAG

  1. Stephanie Dang

    Can’t wait to see more 😘 love you and your journey!

  2. Minarva Craig

    Love love love this! So excited About this blog and can’t wait to follow your journey ❤️😊

  3. Minarva Craig

    Love love love this! ❤️😊So excited about this blog and can’t wait to ready about the other topics

  4. PhD Mum

    I love it! Brilliant video and great journey so far. Well done

  5. Libby

    Love this post! Congrats on starting your blog. It takes great courage to change your plans and pursue a different field, but from the sound of it, public health is the perfect match for you! I wish you all the best in your studies.

    1. Thank you! Public health is definitely my love!

  6. Loved this! I could listen to you all day 😍

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