Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m so honored to have been nominated by Teresa, Phd to Success, for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Teresa is pursuing a PhD in chemistry and posts incredible content on science and her mental health journey. The Sunshine Blogger Award is given from bloggers to fellow bloggers for writing inspiring, creative, and interesting content. To be honest, … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

The limit does not exist

As I reflect on my academic journey, I surprise myself on how far I’ve come. Pursing a PhD has pushed me beyond what I ever imagined I could be capable of. Never did I think I would commit to a lifestyle that is this demanding, emotionally draining, and mentally exhausting. Today, I tackle the challenge … Continue reading The limit does not exist

Real World Problems: Mental Health of Syrian Children

A couple of weeks ago, I announced on my Instagram page (@sujanee) that I will be starting an education component on my blog called “Real World Problems.” As a lover of global public health, I find it necessary to write about important issues that have public health implications. To kick off “Real World Problems,” join me … Continue reading Real World Problems: Mental Health of Syrian Children

Spring Break: Maximize & Recover

After a gruesome winter term, spring break was such an unsettling relief. Unsettling because after my last empirical paper was turned in, it didn’t really feel like the end. Unsettling because for the past 10 weeks, I had been on a constant grind and all of the sudden my to-do list for school shrunk from … Continue reading Spring Break: Maximize & Recover

Hi, I’m an imposter.

In my first heavy quantitative methods course, my inadequacy felt like it was always on display. I’ve had substantially more qualitative training than I have had quantitative, so when I decided to take my first quantitative course, I was nervous AF. For the first 3-4 weeks, each night before this class was a restless one. … Continue reading Hi, I’m an imposter.