How to make your life easier by using a citation manager

If you’ve ever written a research paper, an article, or a think-piece, you’ve probably heard how important it is to cite your sources. In high school, my teachers made us hand-write our citations in MLA format A LOT. It was tiresome and I hated getting points taken off for misplacing a comma or a period. … Continue reading How to make your life easier by using a citation manager

How to Feel Smart

While obtaining my MA degree in International Development, I recall many moments when I felt jealous of my classmates who were able to articulate their words so well during discussions. The majority of my classes were discussion based and there were always a handful of students who dominated the space. When they spoke, words flew … Continue reading How to Feel Smart

The limit does not exist

As I reflect on my academic journey, I surprise myself on how far I’ve come. Pursing a PhD has pushed me beyond what I ever imagined I could be capable of. Never did I think I would commit to a lifestyle that is this demanding, emotionally draining, and mentally exhausting. Today, I tackle the challenge … Continue reading The limit does not exist

Spring Break: Maximize & Recover

After a gruesome winter term, spring break was such an unsettling relief. Unsettling because after my last empirical paper was turned in, it didn’t really feel like the end. Unsettling because for the past 10 weeks, I had been on a constant grind and all of the sudden my to-do list for school shrunk from … Continue reading Spring Break: Maximize & Recover

Hi, I’m an imposter.

In my first heavy quantitative methods course, my inadequacy felt like it was always on display. I’ve had substantially more qualitative training than I have had quantitative, so when I decided to take my first quantitative course, I was nervous AF. For the first 3-4 weeks, each night before this class was a restless one. … Continue reading Hi, I’m an imposter.

#PhDTAG: Part 2

Though today’s blog post is a continuation of this week’s #PhDTAG, today’s topic is applicable to those who don’t identify as PhD students as well. Finding the Yin to your Yang @jesica_sykes and @bookwormingh both asked: how do you balance a healthy lifestyle/make time for things you love to do without feeling guilty and make … Continue reading #PhDTAG: Part 2

launching sujanee

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a multitude of reasons: To join the blogging community Find support in and for graduate students Have a creative outlet/self project that I can be excited about Maintain my sanity Why not? My friend asked of me to promise one thing when launching this blog: “Just be … Continue reading launching sujanee